Copyright Infringement Notification:

HDWallpapersHut fully implement and appreciates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The complete details are mentioned here We are always ready to take a look, identify & eliminate the infringed images which belongs to a private or public entity based anywhere in the world.

How to notify us about Copyright infringements?

In order for you to notify to us about any infringement (s) “You must be the rightful owner of the imagery or textual content mistakenly shared on HDWallpapersHut or authorized to act on behalf of the original content owner, have the extended right to act under copyrights act by emailing it at contact [at] HDWallpapersHut [dot] com with the subject, “Copyright Infringed Content on”.

HDWallpapersHut DMCA Notice

Please follow the process in order to let us know of the pirated content and we will act swiftly to eradicate it.

  1. Note down the copyrighted item or make a list if there are multiple items to be notified, specifying the image (s) or textual content.
  2. Please let us know the links (URLs) that you want HDWallpapersHut to remove from the website. We will disable the access to that particular URL or remove it altogether (depending on the content), ensuring that identified infringed content is no more available for public access or consumption.
  3. Please provide complete contact details i.e., email address, telephone number, and mailing address making it easy for us to get back to you.
  4. Kindly include the following in body of the email.

I confirm my knowledge about the “content infringed” that I am contesting not to be shared anywhere else on the World Wide Web without my consent, and I also confirm that the original owner has not allowed this content to be published on other web properties online without prior permission.
I assure the accuracy of Notice information sent and am liable to penalty of perjury if found guilty.

I am acting as or on behalf of the owner of this information under authorization.

  1. Kindly ensure that your electronic or physical signature and full legal name have been provided in the email.

HDWallpapersHut strongly discourages use of pirated content on its website. All properly notified content infringements will be dealt with on priority basis. We may remove any content published on our website without prior notice. All kinds of user generated content will be checked for originality or having the copyright authorization to be shared with the public. Users continuously involved in sharing content that infringes copyrights will be first warned and then banned from accessing the website.

The Right of Publicity

We at HDWallpapersHut reserve the right to remove misappropriate content of third parties including but not limited to voice, name, signature, photography, and likeness etc. In case you are the party to this kind of right of publicity, please follow this process.

  1. Provide sufficient information to help us ascertain that the content shared contains likeness about you.
  2. Provide full details of your name, email address, and telephone number.
  3. If you are a minor, provide us with a statement written by your parent or legal guardian (s), who can legally represent you.
  4. Provide us sufficient proof of the fact that you are the party whose right of publicity has been infringed upon or you are authorized to legally represent that concerned party.

Once we receive this notification through the email mentioned above, our copyright disciplinary committee will decide to take the most appropriate action possible under given circumstances which may include but is not limited to removal of challenged content as pirated, rejection of removal request if found baseless or without sufficient proof, or any other decision within the confines of international copyright or other applicable laws.

HDWallpapersHut always complies with the copyright issues but you need to make sure that you have been able to follow the steps mentioned above to prove as rightful owner of content as the burden of proof lies upon you.